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What Kinds Of Deals Can You Get From Internet Companies When You Go Online To Compare?

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

All kinds of internet companies are competing with each other to become your internet service provider of choice, and that is good news for you! Whether you’re comparing DSL providers or all kinds of internet, there are all sorts of great offers for you to take advantage of online. Some plans will offer cash back for new subscribers, deals on bundling services, free months of service, and free modems and installation as well. Basic DSL service is still at the lowest price you can get, but higher speeds are very affordable as well. When comparing companies online, it’s important to check into the terms that each provider’s contract has to see how long a contract you need to get the incentives they offer.

The Right ISP Could Be Much Closer Than You Thought It Was

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Finding and comparing ISPs near you doesn’t have to be difficult. Just look online to see whether the internet service providers in my area offer service near you. You may find that companies known the country over are as close as a few clicks. Once you know all of the companies available to you, all you have to do is compare them to your local cable company and other local internet providers. You can also try comparing speed, but those companies which offer fiber optic service to your home will likely be in a class by themselves. Of course, for many customers cost will be a factor, and your local cable company may offer an accelerated speed bundled into TV and phone service. Bundling may be much cheaper than choosing a single service.

Internet Providers, Your Needs And The Connections Available

Monday, September 9th, 2013

When searching for high speed internet, most people have the intention of obtaining something specific. For example, those who work at home on their computers will perhaps require a faster connection than other types of internet user. Those who are avid gamers will have to have a faster connection as well. However, what you need and what you can get could very well be two different things. For many, costs may prohibit them from getting higher speeds from internet service providers. But one advantage consumers have is the ability to compare internet providers and making an informed decision before they choose a company. As well, there are many internet companies offering drastically-discounted deals online. Anyone wanting to increase their internet connection speed can take advantage of what these internet providers have to offer.


Heidi Klum At Top Of The Ten Most Dangerous Celebrities

Monday, September 19th, 2011

You read it right; Heidi Klum is dangerous. Dangerous to your computer, that is. McAfee, the world-famous internet security company, says that your computer has a one in ten chance of becoming infected when you click on any search result for her name. Hackers are well known for embedding malware and viruses in computer images beginning in 2002 with Perrun, one of the first image viruses to be released. Today, that image virus has joined others in a group called “Stealth Viruses”, those which execute themselves on a computer without the user’s knowledge. With an infected .jpg, one needs only to click the picture to open it and release the virus that’s been embedded in the .jpg’s alternate NTFS data streams. Some are of the opinion that images which contain viruses are only a threat if your computer is already compromised when you click the image.