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ATT Uverse, the Popular Choice

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

There is no doubt, ATT Uverse is a popular choice and the network is growing. Uverse give you an ultra high speed broadband connection, and a lot of added benefits.  You can bundle your high speed internet with television and telephone, and experience the flawless quality of a fiber optic connection.  There’s even an in home wireless network that goes with that!  Uverse is a smart choice, as the network connects all the services in your home.  You can program your television from your computer, and answer your phone with your television remote!  Right now, there are some great cash back deals on the web for signing up with Uverse, and opting for select bundles.  These fabulous offers are available online only, and for a limited time.  Uverse is not available in all areas served by AT&T, but you can check for it’s arrival!  AT&T stores will carry signs announcing that Uverse is coming.  In the meantime, you can enjoy great deals on AT&T high speed DSL service.

High Demand for High Speed Internet

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

It is really clear that the demand for high speed internet is growing. No longer are most people satisfied with dial up, or even basic DSL, as the need to have speeds that catch up to what people are doing on the internet is just insatiable. Who would have thought only a few years ago that people would be using the internet for their television, or speaking to each other with VOIP technology and webcams over an internet connection? So many innovations have occurred within just the past few years that affect how we communicate – social networking, video conferences, downloading music – and they all require high speed internet. The most secure transactions on the web also are better done on a high speed connection. Today, our phone, internet, and television are all interconnected, and the quality of the high speed connection often determines the quality of the picture, sound, and quality of service. Fortunately for us, high speed internet is competitively priced, and increasingly available even in remote areas.