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ATT Uverse – Enough Speed For Any Need

Friday, November 19th, 2010

If you love to play games or watch movies online, there’s no doubt about it – you need a connection that can handle all you do. And there’s no faster connection than ATT Uverse. Uverse goes beyond DSL to deliver a super fast, 100% fiber optic connection that travels through a dedicated line into your home. Fiber optic, because there’s only one cable for one signal, is clean and interruption free. That means smooth gaming and viewing that never slows down. You can also enjoy crystal-clear HDTV and uninterrupted phone service, because Uverse works seamlessly with all of the connections in your home. Plus, you can get $300 cash back on select bundles when you subscribe online. Why wait? Sign up, and start enjoying  the ultimate multimedia experience.