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No Cost Wireless Internet Service Now Available At Tulsa Airport

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Those who visit the passenger terminal at Tulsa International Airport will now be able to get online and do whatever they need to, thanks to the introduction of free wireless internet service. Tulsa World reports on its web site that airport officials made the announcement on Wednesday of this week. The new wireless addition is being provided by a major U.S. carrier, and comes in response to high customer demand for the service in 2010. Those who need to get online will find they can use the connection to check email, surf and keep an eye on their flights from anywhere within the passenger terminal. The connection will greatly benefit business travelers, as will the business centers the airport plans to open. Tulsa International Airport now joins 245 U.S. airports which offer wireless internet.

Are Pay Phones Going The Way Of The Dinosaur? Former Qwest Internet Thinks So

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Within the next year, most pay phones located on the Texas University campus will disappear. Former Qwest internet company CenturyLink, who owns and manages the phones has said that cell phones have taken their place and there has been very little to no usage of the pay phones. In addition, it was stated by the associate vice president for Technology Resources that as a result of the low usage and cost of upkeep, the campus pay phones cannot generate revenue. The University was informed by the internet company that the removal of phones would be occurring, but it wasn’t specified when the removal would begin. There are fifty-nine of the payphones on the Texas University campus, approximately eleven of which are used on occasion. And only two of those eleven are generating any revenue.

LTE Will Be Rapidly Adopted By Companies Like Clear Wireless Internet, Says New Report

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The latest news from BusinessWire is that LTE will be able to handle the world’s usage of wireless data. This new technology, now available from some carriers, is the next needed step if wireless networks like Clear Wireless internet wish to evolve, says Nexius, a wireless services and software company. However, there are many who will have to wait for this technology to take hold. Currently, LTE is only available in about 100 cities. The slow rollout of this next generation wireless is due to many factors including timeline limitations, supply and demand and supplier management. But the good news is that LTE will not only be able to keep up with data usage, but handle future demand for those wanting fast wireless data access.

Intercontinental Satellite Internet Service Coming To Some U.S. Airlines

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Although it’s been a common trend for airlines to offer internet on their flights, something new will soon be offered: satellite internet service. The Jacksonville News web site reports that United Airlines will be the first U.S. airline to offer the service to those on intercontinental flights. Why is this significant? Because the type of internet to be offered will be via a satellite, and not a ground connection like most of the internet available on flights today. Granted, the installation of the current type of internet on planes is simple and quite cost-effective, but can prove to be unreliable if the plane is flying over water where the signal is lost. Having a satellite connection still relies on the plane being in range of the satellite, but the chances of the plane going out of satellite range and losing the signal are much less likely.

Finding Internet Service Providers In My Area Online Is Time Well Spent

Friday, November 11th, 2011

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IP Address Shortage Could Result In IPv6 Usage As Early As 2012

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

The Number Resource Organization leaked the results of a survey in September which indicates that the pool of IPv4 addresses is quickly being depleted. In response, it seems that many internet service providers will be using the next generation of IP addresses – IPv6 – as early as next year. The survey, which includes responses from over 1,500 respondents internationally, indicated that over seventy percent of those surveyed plan to deploy IPv6 in 2012. The survey also indicated that a large number of ISPs have already begun deployment of the new addresses, and are eager to promote them to their customers. However, there were some concerns about IPv6, including lack of knowledge, vendor support and cost. But these appear to be diminishing, thanks in part to continuing discussion of its security and implications in technical forums.

One County’s Qwest DSL Phone Service Restored After Nor’easter

Monday, November 7th, 2011

A freak snow storm that hit the North East at the end of last month continues to wreak havoc in the form of power outages and cleanup of downed trees. But at least one county in the New Jersey area now has phone service. Former Qwest DSL provider CenturyLink announced on November 3rd that phone services are now back in operation in Hunterdon County, either under commercial or generator power. Most residents in the New Jersey area did not lose their telephone service, thanks to the company’s deployment of portable generators where possible. CenturyLink has stated that those still without telephone service in the area may have an issue unrelated to the power interruption, such as a downed line or other isolated problems. Those with DSL service may have to wait longer for it to be restored, the company said.

Will New Wireless TV Help To Increase ATT Uverse Subscriptions?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

It seemed that over a week ago, the news wasn’t so great about the number of new ATT Uverse subscribers. The company’s third quarter report revealed that it had gained only 176,000 TV subscribers, a number well below those from recent quarters, one example being 236,000 subscribers from this quarter last year. Interesting numbers for a company who has just about completed its buildout and passed almost 30 million living units in the United States. But this week’s announcement of new form of television may attract the curious and those looking for a new and more convenient way to access their televisions. Wireless TV will allow access to all programming without the need to run cables. The service employs a gateway which acts in much the same way as the wireless router used on computers, and will allow subscribers to watch television from anywhere in the home, even on the patio.

Red Cross Receives Large Donation From Former Quest Internet

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

New Jersey victims of Hurricane Irene still feeling the effects of the storm will be getting some much-needed assistance from the Red Cross, thanks to a $10,000 donation from former Quest internet company CenturyLink. The contribution will most definitely aid the organization in its mission to bring relief to those impacted by the Labor Day weather event. The storm has so far cost The Red Cross between $10 and $15 million for disaster response, a lot of money for an organization that receives no government funding. During the storm, more than 60 Red Cross shelters were either open or on standby in New Jersey. Three shelters were still open two weeks after Irene’s arrival for those who were unable to return to their homes. The check was presented to Pat Day, executive director of the Red Cross by Gerald E. Piper and Jim Robinson, CenturyLink vice president and market development manager respectively.