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Big Improvements For One Of The Internet Service Providers New York In 2012

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

According to a recent study about phone-based customer service quality, it was discovered that significant improvements had been made by at least one of the internet service providers New York. The survey was completed immediately after customer service calls to Verizon Wireless this year, and yielded some surprising statistics. The number of surveyed customers who considered themselves to be very satisfied with their customer service experience actually rose to 73%, up ten percent from 2011 numbers.

The survey data from Vocalabs stretches back to 2009, and shows that Verizon received the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all of the big-name providers surveyed by the company. But despite the great ratings, there were reports from customers that it was sometimes difficult to reach a human being. However, the company has since rectified this issue, showing that they listen to their customers.

Will User Tracking With Internet Service Providers And Social Media Go Too Far?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Social Media Tracking Via ISPsWord on the street is that Facebook is planning to develop a new app which would track a user’s location passively. While this may raise a few eyebrows, the real jaw-dropper is that this would-be app would track users even when it wasn’t open. Some speculate this feature may be used by the company to prove geographically-targeted ads to the user via their internet service. But the more sinister potential applications can’t be ignored.

Location apps are nothing new; both Apple and Google have created them. However, they are mostly used by groups of close friends. Broadcasting one’s location to their entire friends list, along with their friends of friends isn’t something that’s become anywhere near mainstream as of yet. The app may also end up with a long list of user habits out of this, which has many creeped out.


One Popular Internet Service Providers Los Angeles Releases New Unite Product

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Dallas was the scene for an announcement last Friday by one of the internet service providers Los Angeles. AT&T announced that its newest product, a mobile hotspot device will be available via all of its channels. The device, called Unite is capable of connecting up to ten mobile devices in addition to allowing the owner to open up one temporary guest network. The device includes a touchscreen display of over two inches which displays necessary information such as data usage status.

The Unite device allows users to manage all of the devices that are connected to the unit, in addition to the changing and control of device and network settings. Users can also take control of security, as the device allows them to block unwanted devices from joining their network.

Data Reform Proposed By EU Could Trigger Trade War

Friday, February 1st, 2013

The way in which the European Union handles data protection could change radically enough to ignite a trade war, even though the legislation isn’t expected to be in practice for another three years. The focus of the reform would be on three aspects: The first would see existing data protection rules being consolidated. The second would require companies to notify the EU of any breaches in protection within twenty-four hours. And citizen would be allowed to delete all data held by law enforcement if there was no reason for them to keep it.

This is being watched so closely because anyone doing business with any of the EU’s 27 member countries will have to adhere to the proposed reforms. AS well, the circumstances surrounding the proposed reform has ruffled many feathers. The 30-year-old head of the proposal amendments committee drafted a response to the Commission’s proposal, saying that transparency, clarity and ease of understanding should be the focus of all information that anyone whose information is being kept should receive.