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Could We Soon Be Accessing High Speed Internet Providers in My Area With Our Skin?

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Earlier this month, a start-up in Massachusetts called MC10 showed off its skin sensing technology, called a ‘bio-stamp’. The completely bendable microchip can be printed directly on the skin, but it’s not capable of getting online with high speed internet providers in my area; instead, it monitors the health of the person who is wearing it.

The chip resembles a temporary tattoo, and was originally designed for sports physicians, detecting things like hydration level and body temperature. This latest design is actually the most current of a range of previous designs. It is far smaller than previous incarnations, and can last through many activities such as showering and swimming. The sensor wears from the skin in two weeks via natural exfoliation.

Former Qwest DSL Offers Lock-In Pricing And Other Promotions

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Have you looked at the former Qwest DSL web site lately? This no-contract provider has been offering superior service to its satisfied customers for many years. But just because customers aren’t locked into a contract, doesn’t mean they can’t lock in their savings. A current promotion at the company web site offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of the 5 Year Price Lock Guarantee.

The guarantee gets customers high speed internet service for $19.95 per month for five years when they bundle internet with other services. Another offer is their heavy duty internet option with unlimited nationwide calling for a locked-in price of $59.95 per month until 2017. Centurylink’s services are backed by their 30-day satisfaction guarantee, in addition to around-the-clock tech support. Customers can also access the company’s suite of online back-up and anti-virus protection.

Fleet Management Solution Launched With Branch Of Verizon Internet Service

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Verizon internet service announced today that its wireless branch would now be better able to monitor, mange and optimize routes with a new fleet management service.  The service will assist risk managers, fleet and operations to improve their operations by allowing them to optimize usage of their vehicles. Some of the features which the fleet management solution include are fuel consumption, speed, and vehicle diagnostics.

The service works with two parts: hardware that’s located in each vehicle, and an application that is web-based which analyzes, views and stores specific vehicle data. As well, each fleet vehicle has a GPS which sends data to the data center via wireless. Verizon will be deploying the solution to 18,000 of its company vehicles this year initially, and the move is expected to improve customer service as it increases efficiency and productivity.