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Gen4 Satellite Internet Service Has Launched

Friday, April 5th, 2013

A nationwide provider of satellite internet service has announced the adoption of Gen4 service via a major satellite provider in the United States. HughesNet will be the company providing the Gen4 service, which offers higher speeds than the company’s last generation – 15 Mbps compared to 10 Mbps. USIRIS LLC, the company which offers HughesNet, along with other satellite providers to customers nationwide, referred to the lack of reliable internet access for customers in rural and sparsely-populated areas as those who will be best served by the upgraded service.

The Gen4 service will be offered starting at $59.99 per month. Depsite the popularity of other forms of internet like fiber optic and cable, the satellite industry continues to thrive, with new satellite launches being planned that will deliver even faster service to customers.