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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Choice With An Internet Provider?

Monday, December 16th, 2013

At least one big phone company has entered into new markets with new services. One great example was AT&T. This incredibly popular company released its ATT Uverse product to hundreds of thousands of delighted customers, and ended up taking the industry by storm. Not only did it bring amazing television quality, but it also brought phone and high speed internet to households.

This new product allowed customers to choose plans that offered over 200 channels. And, if you couldn’t make up your mind as to which one to watch… the DVD feature allowed you to record four programs all at once. Uverse also served to revolutionize family movie nights with 1000s of On-Demand Movies to choose from.


Don’t Spend A Fortune On Your Internet Service

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Can you remember the last time you compared the internet companies in your area? If not, it may be time to do just that once again. There are new ISPs moving into new markets all the time. And their goal is to expand their coverage areas and get more market share. What this means to you is a great opportunity to cash in and save money. A new ISP could offer you lower prices initially, just to get their name out there. Or, the high speed internet features that you may have originally signed up for may no longer be of use to you. And so you could save money by scaling back a bit and changing to a more basic plan. If you find yourself spending more on internet than you can afford, compare internet providers just for kicks. You may end up with a great deal.