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Great Pricing Available When You Compare ISPs Online

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Many popular ISPs are offering exclusive deals for those who sign up online. And one of the most affordable options for quality high speed internet service is Qwest DSL. The basic level is incredibly affordable, and tiers are available all the way up to “lightning speed”. If that weren’t impressive enough, all packages include free Wi-Fi for those who order service online. Qwest can be easily compared to other major ISPs, and you’ll quickly discover that there is much money to be saved. And those savings can increase when you internet service is combined with phone. Never again will you have to worry about the speed of your connection, or put up with interruptions as you’re downloading music or watching videos. This is one of the truly great online deals available today.

Many Available Speed Choices Exist For Top Internet Companies

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

If you want affordable, high-quality DSL internet from a company that is popular for its excellent customer service, check out what Qwest has to offer. The basic internet package offers more than enough speed for those using the internet for emails, photo sharing and online banking. If you are into streaming media, then you can simply spend a little bit more on Qwest internet for speeds that can handle all of the video you enjoy. There is also an ultra-high tier available for those who need to share or send large files online.

More information about Qwest, as well as the prices and speeds that other internet providers have to offer are available for side by side comparison. Simply visit for more information.

AT&T Has 2 Versions Of Uverse To Choose From

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

These days, Uverse is a much-loved internet product. Uverse Max and Uverse Max Plus, which are both affordable. When compared to the lightening fast speed of Elite DSL with speeds of 6.0 Mbps, AT&T high speed internet Max and Max Plus blow it out of the water at 18.0 and 24.0 Mbps respectfully!

And AT&T Internet Service provides several options and speeds if it’s DSL you want. AT&T is recognized both as a world leader in telephone services and high speed internet service. It has reached a new pinnacle, and is now setting standards in the television and markets.