Where Can You Find Not Only The Cheapest, But The Fastest Internet Around?

You may think that DSL is a painfully slow and ancient type of internet service. But the truth is that today’s DSL connection is comparable to its high speed cable counterpart. And one of the best deals you will find online for internet service is with Qwest DSL. Basic DSL is just $19.99 a month, and their fastest speed is an amazing 20 Mbps download for just $45 a month! You’ll receive a free modem with all their packages. And when you combine internet with Qwest’s amazing phone service, you can save even more. After all, this company practically invented bargain-rate phone service, making telecommunications both competitive and affordable. So why not enjoy internet that’s both high in quality and affordable? Going online will see you getting a connection for much less than you thought possible. But this offer is only available for a limited time.

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